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Our offer for Continental Winter tyres

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Continental winter tyres - your choice of tyres for the winter months

From TS850 to Sport Contact wheels, all kinds of Continental winter tyres are available for purchase at autopink-shop.co.uk. These wheels are known for their excellent grip and short braking distances on snowy and icy roads. 4x4 and SUV winter wheels are also available. Select the perfect M+S tyres for your car by making use of the tyre selector to find the correct tyre size, which is important for your safety. If you are expecting extreme performance during the cold season, that is just what these tyres will give you. Optimum safety and a high degree of driving pleasure are assured at the same time. Of course, a special tread design will make for enhanced snow traction, which is vital for your safety. Nevertheless, you will not have to compromise on the dry handling of these winter wheels either.

Tyres by the popular Continental brand

Continental is a German tyre manufacturer, which provides tyres for private individuals and various car manufacturers. Of course, summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season wheels are available by this popular brand, which no longer operates its own production sites in Germany. Continental has 208,000 employees and is listed on the German stock market. As the fourth largest tyre company worldwide, the Continental offering includes 4x4 tyres.