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Our offer for Hankook Winter tyres

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Hankook winter tyres - your winter performance tyres

At autopink-shop.co.uk online, you cannot only shop for Hankook winter tyres for passenger cars. Instead, 4x4 and SUV winter tyres, which have been optimised for wintry road conditions are also available here. Opt for W310, I Cept Evo, Icebear or W442 wheels as you are making your winter tyre selection. These M+S tyres offer optimal traction, which is important to keep you safe. Moreover, the optimised tread pattern design has also proven to be useful when faced with snowy conditions. You should also know that this brand uses a special high-grip silica compound to ensure your safety when opting for these winter wheels, too!

What you need to know about the Hankook brand

Hankook Tire Co. is a tyre company from South Korea, which manufactures passenger car and truck tyres and has been around since 1941 already. While the company is one of the most popular tyre brands in all of South Korea, its tyres are also sold worldwide. 21,000 people are working for this company, which has even been supplying OEM tyres for various Volkswagen vehicles since 2009. In order to cater to the European market as well, Hankook operates its own production sites on the European continent. Moreover, the brand offers all kinds of tyres from summer tyres to mud and snow tyres.