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Our offer for 245/40 R19 All-season tyres

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Sporty Tyres Delivering Year-Round Performance

Sporty Tyres Delivering Year-Round Performance

Passenger cars fitted with the 245/40 R19 all-season tyres will benefit from a unique mix of sporty appearance and all-weather performance. While bringing a touch of aggressive styling, these tyres deliver a safe and comfortable driving experience in virtually all types of weather. As a result, you get to enjoy a fun and sporty ride without having to worry about seasonal weather changes. Thanks to recently developed special rubber compounds, all-round tyres can now compete with dedicated seasonal tyres in many aspects. That said, it is no wonder that they are becoming an increasingly sought-after product in our offer.

Top-Rated Models in our Offer

When it comes to the level of performance offered by the 245/40 R19 all-season tyres, the Nokian Weatherproof model is a telling example. This highly versatile tyre from a reputable manufacturer provides a safe and reliable ride combined with outstanding performance in terms of handling and stability. Having the Nokian Weatherproof fitted to the wheels of your car gives you remarkable confidence even when faced with challenging road conditions.

What sets this tyre apart from the competition is its impressive winter performance. An aggressive tread pattern with large central blocks ensures firm grip on snow and ice, while wedge-like rises between the centre and shoulder blocks contribute to improved steering precision on snowy roads. At the same time, you can expect excellent performance in summer conditions, with impressive traction and short stopping distances on dry surfaces.

Apart from the 245/40 R19 all-season tyres, our online store offers a vast array of other products from a great number of tyre manufacturers. By visiting Autopink-shop.co.uk, you get an opportunity to order a new set of tyres and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time. In our stock you can find reasonably priced tyres for passenger cars, crossovers/SUVs, minivans, as well as all sorts of commercial vehicles.