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Our offer for Uniroyal Winter tyres

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Uniroyal winter tyres - designed for superb performance

Shop for MS plus 66, plus 77 or several other kinds of Uniroyal winter tyres at the autopink-shop.co.uk online store. These brand-name wheels are meant to ensure maximum safety and performance when faced with extremely snowy or icy roads. Special treads have been combined with a unique rubber compound for even better grip and traction as well as precise handling. Also keep the maximum speed in mind in order to not face any unnecessary risks on wintry roads either!

Find out more about the Uniroyal brand

The United States Rubber Company, or Uniroyal for short, is an American tyre company, which was founded in 1892. Since then, it has been acquired and now belongs to Michelin, thus making one of the biggest tyre makers in the world its parent company. The "Tiger Paw brand" helped make Uniroyal famous and is still in use today. Of course, this company not only offers summer tyres, winter and 4x4 tyres, but is also here to offer you the perfect rain tyre.