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Our offer for Nankang 175 55 R16 Winter tyres

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Nankang Snow SV-2
Nankang Snow SV-2
175/55 R16 80H

Tyre type

Winter tyres
Roll resistance E Wet grip C Noise emissions 71dB
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Special features of 175/55 R16 winter tyres

Whether you are shopping for 175/55 R16 winter tyres or others, there are certain features that make winter tyres special such as:

  • They come with a snowflake or mountain symbol.
  • Snow traction capability is unique in these tyres, more than all terrain and all season tyres.
  • Dedicated winter or snow tyres have tread compound that makes them pliable in the cold.
  • They have sipes or slits in their tread that provide superior grip on icy or snow surfaces.
  • Softer tread compound on winter tyres make them wear out quickly on clear and dry roads.
For the above features winter tyres are best used in extreme cold and snow conditions. However, there are differing weather conditions during winter months in many places. Hence, in certain cases all terrain or all season tyres are more applicable.

How to make your choice?

If you are confused about the right kind of winter tyres to purchase for your car, you can start looking at choices at a tyre portal by:
  • Entering the vehicle registration number.
  • Tyre brand you prefer.
  • Price or budget considerations.
The portal will provide you choices as per the tyre dimensions your car requires that is known from your vehicle registration number. Hence, purchase of 175/55 R16 winter tyres becomes easier at online tyre portals.

Popular tyre specifications to shop for

When you log onto a comprehensive tyre site like autopink-shop.co.uk you will find several choices as per certain tyre dimensions. For instance, for 205/55 R16 dimensions, you will find choices like Continental WinterContact TS 860 205/55 R16 91H, Star Performer SPTS AS 205/55 R16 91T, GoodYear Ultra Grip 8 205/55 R16 91T, Nankang Snow SV2 205/55 R16 94H XL.