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Our offer for 215/65 R15 Winter tyres

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Avon WV7 Snow
Avon WV7 Snow
215/65 R15 96H

Tyre type

Winter tyres
Roll resistance E Wet grip B Noise emissions 69dB
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Buy 215/65 R15 winter tyres for your car

Buying tyres with the perfect tyre dimensions for your favourite car makes sure that your tyres last longer, increases your vehicle's gas productivity and improves safety for all your travels all winter long. You can make use of the Tyres Search on the home page of autopink-shop.co.uk to choose 215/65 R15 winter tyres that will be ideal for your vehicle (SUV, truck, sedan...). The internet tyre shop also sells alloy and steel rims for motorists who drive SUVs, off-roaders, passenger cars, etc.

Purchase 215/65 R15 tyres as well as other tyre types you prefer, including agricultural vehicle tyres, golf cart tyres, diagonal trailer tyres, and construction and forestry vehicles tyres. View our complete collection of 215/65 R15 tyres from popular tyre companies in Europe as well as the rest of the world. In addition, this tyre shop has made the fitting process easy and straightforward so that you can walk in whenever you can and get the necessary help to prepare you for whatever that the winter season might throw your way.

Top tyre manufacturers that produce this winter tyre size

Some of the most popular tyre makers that manufacture 215/65 R15 winter tyres include:

  • Hankook
  • Barum
  • Semperit
  • Vredestein
  • Uniroyal

The right 215/65 R15 winter tyres for your car

Explore a long list of some of the most preferred winter tyres from respected brands in the tyre-making business across the globe. Also, consider buying other car parts and products, for instance snow chains.

It goes without saying that not every tyre size available today would be the perfect size for your type of car. For ultra-high performance, everyone must know the perfect car tyre size for the car they drive. Generally, the size of tyres are often described by use of three codes that refer to its cross-sectional width, its profile height as well as its construction. In this case, 215/65 R15 shows that this size of tyre is 215mm in width, a profile height of 65mm and a radial construction of 15mm.