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Our offer for 110/70 -11 Motorcycle Winter tyres

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Features of motorcycle winter tyres

For those who depend on two wheelers to get around, it might become a daunting task to go about when there are snow and sleet conditions. Even with powerful motorcycles, if you do not have the right 110/70 -11 motorcycle winter tyres, it would become risky to venture out on snow or sleet covered roads.Optimal features of motorcycle winter tyres are:

  • They have a grip that ensures stability even on fresh and melting snow situations.
  • Tyres come with multiple sipe design that cut through the water easily on winter road surfaces.
  • Tyres grip well on wet as well as dry road surfaces.
  • Braking works effectively on such tyres that make it safe to go around.
  • Rubber compound on such tyres ensure fast warm up even in extreme low temperatures.
How to shop for motorcycle winter tyres?

If you wish to know what choices you would have among 110/70 -11 motorcycle winter tyres, all you need to do is log onto a comprehensive online tyre store. Here you need to start by entering the vehicle registration number. That will help the portal to showcase the tyre sizes that would be applicable for your motorcycle or two wheeler as well as brands that offer special winter tyres, price ranges and customer reviews on the different products.

Popular winter tyre specifications

When you log onto autopink-shop.co.uk you will find different kinds of motorcycle tyres to choose from. Avon is a popular brand in this category and performance tyres ZV7, ZZ5 are in high demand. You can rest assured that prices and product quality would be optimal when you shop from this site.